Strange New Species

New Children’s CryptoZoo Book News

Cryptozoology books are not as rare as they use to be, but new ones for young people are rather sparse. However, a good one that has recently appeared is Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth, by Elin Kelsey, (from Maple Tree, 96 pages, $19.95, ages 9 to 14), with a forward by Marc van Roosmalen.

As a review in the Globe and Mail on November 20th summarizes, in part, the new discoveries of animals, thusly: “Astonishing is the right word, especially when you consider just the findings of Marc van Roosmalen, a Dutch scientist based in Brazil. Exploring the Amazon rain forest, van Roosmalen has identified many heretofore unseen species of primates, a species of wild pig, a new relative of the Brazil nut and new species of manatee and river dolphin….In other parts of the planet — in the deepest depths of oceans and at the top of South American mountains, to name just two — new species are discovered with astonishing frequency. For instance, each week since 2000, three new species of marine fish have been identified.”

Think about the next generation of cryptozoologists, and pick up books like this one and others for placing under that tree of yours, or giving for the holidays to your, your friends’ and your relatives’ kids.