Calling All Eyewitnesses of Maine Squatch!

Calling Durham Gorilla Eyewitnesses! And All Witnesses of Maine Squatch!


The rumors are true. The Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot is coming to Maine near the end of this year, and the International Cryptozoology Museum is working closely with them to make their visit a success.
As you may recall, our director, Loren Coleman, and coauthor Michele Souliere are in the midst of writing a book entitled Bigfoot in Maine.
Therefore, we are putting out a call for Maine eyewitnesses of Bigfoot. When you were a youth, in 1973, did you see the Durham Gorilla? Or more recently, did you sight the Sasquatch called the Leeds Loki (which was investigated by our assistant director Jeff Meuse in 2010)?
Or anytime? If you’ve seen a Bigfoot in Maine, please send your details, including info on possible footprints, casts and photos, to Loren Coleman, via the form below. The cases will be used in the book, and the most promising old and new incidents will be screened for possible inclusion on Finding Bigfoot.
Please note, organizations or individuals “hunting” Bigfoot will not be showcased on the Animal Planet program, and need not apply. Individuals who have had real encounters will be. And concentrated areas of activity will be explored.
Help Maine join the other states – all those with fewer trees and less wildernesses – who have appeared on this show. We need your assistance.Please contact Loren Coleman via this form.