Lloyd Pye Has Died


In recent days, Lloyd Pye has messaged his friends that his tumor has returned and it was not an “if but when” situation, after treatments at Klinik Marinus in Germany.

Despite any disagreements he might have had with others in cryptozoology, he was a gentle and friendly man. I met him in Texas, at a Bigfoot conference, and found him to be a sincere, cordial gentleman, committed to his findings and theories.

Now word comes that Pye has died on December 9, 2013.

This was confirmed via this posting on Lloyd Pye’s Facebook page:

This is Lloyd’s nephew. Lloyd Pye passed away at approximately 6:15 PM CT USA. Lloyd was surrounded by family and died in his mother’s arms. The family is asking for privacy at this time as we deal with the loss. We will post additional information in the near future. Thank you to all of his friends and fans for your support, prayers and love. He loved you all deeply.

Lloyd Anthony Pye (born 1946), according to Wikipedia, is an American author and paranormal researcher best known for his promotion of the Starchild skull, which he claims is the relic of a human-alien hybrid although DNA tests have shown it is from a human male. He also promotes the ideas that cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot are real and that aliens intervened to create life on Earth.

His first book That Prosser Kid (1977), a fictional account of college football, was said to have “achieved considerable recognition” by the Continuum Encyclopedia of American Literature, but was called “lively but unoriginal” by the Boston Globe. His 1988 book Mismatch was called a “novel that ought to go on your must read list” by Deseret News.

In addition to authoring books, Pye also gives lectures and has made television appearances in support of his ideas on The Learning Channel, National Geographic Channel, Extra, Animal Planet, and Richard & Judy in the United Kingdom.Pye has stated that he believes Bigfoot exists, as well as the similar Mongolian cryptid the Almas.

In the late 1990s, Pye obtained a curiously shaped skull from a couple in El Paso, Texas that he believes is an alien-human hybrid and proof that humans are descended from extraterrestrial beings he calls “terraformers”. DNA tests show that the skull is from a human male. American clinical neurologist Steven Novella believes the skull belongs to a child who suffered from hydrocephalus.

  • That Prosser Kid (fiction, Arbor House, 1977) about a redshirted college football player, republished as A Darker Shade of Red (2007, Bell Lap Books)
  • Mismatch, (fiction, Dell, 1988), about computer hacking and warfare.
  • Everything You Know is Wrong – Book One: Human Evolution
  • The Starchild Skull
  • Starchild Skull Essentials

Pye was born in Houma, Louisiana, to Lloyd A. Pye Sr., an optometrist (died 2007), and Nina; Lloyd Pye had three brothers. He earned a football scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans as a running back/punter from 1964–1968. He was the Tulane Green Wave football team’s leading punter 1967-1968. He graduated in 1968 with a B.S. in psychology and joined the U.S. Army as a military intelligence specialist.

In 2013 Pye was diagnosed with cancer and retired from active research and promotion of the Starchild skull.

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