New England Sea Serpents

The Search Continues for Cassie and her friends

The coast seems a little bit lonelier these days. Cassie, the name I coined long ago to characterize these cryptids seen near Portland, Maine, was bestowed in the same tradition that all of these watery creature monikers are given – with location, location, and fun in mind. But it’s been a few years since anyone has seen Cassie, the Casco Bay Sea Serpent. As it turns out, of course, Portland is not alone in missing its New England Sea Serpents.

"All Things Maine" blogger Christopher Dunham gives a historically good overview of "The Sea Serpents of Mount Desert Island" today, Friday, October 21, 2005.

Chris reprints the texts of old newspaper articles detailing sightings off Mount Desert Island from 1793, 1819, 1827, and 1836. Are they just gone and not forgotten, or are they still around? The search does continue, and there have been recent sightings. People are out there looking. I certainly appreciate "All Things Maine" recommending my and Patrick Huyghe’s field guide on the subject as a good book to have along on your Sea Serpent search.

Chris’ blog also mentions the upcoming Bates Cryptozoology Symposium on June 28-29, which will be attended by The Great New England Sea Serpent (Paraview, 2003) author June O’Neill, who will be on a panel Saturday. Also coming to the event is my field guide coauthor Patrick Huyghe (who is an editor of the popular Anomalist website). Bring along your books for multiple autographs!