Dover Demon still in the news

Off to the Boston area for a little trip down memory lane. Fox 25 News is interviewing me for a Halloween feature on the Dover Demon. The name, a moniker I coined to denote this small, weird, orangish creature seen by four witnesses in late April 1977, is one that stuck. The drawings by the eyewitnesses and the encounter itself have traveled down through the years as vivid images that appear to well up the closer we get to Halloween every year. The iconic Dover Demon even has been made into tiny Japanese figurines, and I’ve heard, characters in computer games.

When I revised my book Mysterious America in 2001, I updated the story and investigative details. It’s a cryptid CSI that I don’t take lightly, so I guess it doesn’t surprise me the public is still interested and intrigued too.

Look up at the top left side of my specific blog page. That’s the Dover Demon drawing of Bill Bartlett’s.