Mississippi Hyena?

Tim McCary of Mississippi has exclusively shared the following video with Cryptomundo. The creature caught with his game video cam was photographed last fall 2007, in southwest Mississippi. Specifically, it was taken in a place called “Anna’s Bottom,” just north of Natchez, Mississippi.

Mr. McCary has no reason for trickery, and merely sent it in because it vaguely appeared to look like a “hyena” trotting along (although he understands no hyenas should be seen in North America). He does not know what it is. Of course, it could be a coyote or dog, with or without mange, being filmed. It could be some other as yet-unidentified animal.

What do you think? What do you see in the footage?

For comparative purposes, below is footage of a hyena running in Africa and also of a coyote and a bear on trail cams. (People often make the mistake of thinking hyenas have stubbed tails; they do not.)