New Johor Bigfoot Track

Johor Bigfoot

For months, since November 2005, reports of the Johor Bigfoot issued from the rainforests of Malaysia. Cryptomundo even created a sorting category for them (see to the right of this column). Weekly updates and discussions ensued. Debates about the evidence raged. And then the horrible discovery was made that the “photographs” that supposedly existed were nothing more than extractions from a book about a television documentary on prehumans.

But here we are, back in another November, and there’s news from Johor and new findings of footprints. The shape of the footprint, it must be admitted does look interesting, but as you can see from the following article, caution is now the watchword even in Malaysia.

Here’s the dispatch from Malaysia, for today:

Koto Tinggi: The saga of the Johor Bigfoot may not have ended.

Loud noises and the breaking of branches at a rubber plantation in Kampung Batu 4, about three kilometres from the Kota Tinggi waterfall on Monday night, have fuelled interest again in the creature.

Workers at a kongsi checked the area at dawn and found large footprints on the ground.

State Wildlife Department director Ab Razak Majid said the prints were that of a young renegade bull elephant, but Tenggara Parliament Youth Consensus Council chairman Marozan Ahmad felt otherwise.

“Based on the size and shape of the footprints, droppings and remains of banana plants, we are sure that an elephant had intruded into the plantation,” Razak said.

“It would be difficult to track it down as it would have moved to another location in the jungle by now.”

Marozan had ventured into the secondary jungle behind the kongsi with a group of youths to investigate the source of the disturbance.

“We found large footprints measuring about 45cm long. The pair of footprints had a stride of about a metre apart. This indicates that a large bi-pedal creature had moved around here. There are twigs and leaves broken off from trees from a height of more than two metres.”

Marozan hoped the authorities and researchers would investigate the footprints.

“A group of experts should track into the interior of the jungle. The Bigfoot would be a positive development for the district as it will attract experts and scientists here,” he said.

“Is it the footprint of Bigfoot or jumbo?” by R. Sittamparam
New Straits Times
10 Nov 2006