Winged Weirdies

Ropen Expedition ‘07

Click on the Ropen for a larger version. No scale was given for this drawing. As we have learned, the “Destination Truth” team is on a filming trek in Asia. Here is another insight into the expedition’s point-of-view and cryptid focus as they pursue the Ropen in Papua New Guinea: I was interviewed by Neil Mandt a few weeks ago as he was preparing for the expedition (this kind of excursion should only be done after consulting with someone who has been in Papua New Guinea, searching for the Ropen and/or eyewitnesses). At first, suspicious – the “Fi” of “Sci-Fi [...]

Searching For the Ropen in New Guinea: “Destination Truth” Makes Contact From Rainforest

I have heard from Neil Mandt (above), the executive producer for "Destination Truth," the new series that will be appearing on the Sci Fi Channel this spring. He’s been corresponding with me for some months now, and decided to give Cryptomundo an exclusive on what he and his crew are up to right now. One location the series explored was Johor (above) to investigate reports of the Malaysian Bigfoot. Another they are going to deal with is Mongolia. Incredibly, thanks to modern technology, Neil emailed me yesterday – from the rainforest – to give me an update and exclusive on [...]