Replica Cryptia

Replica Cryptia: Cryptid Love

Someone put to good use their cryptid collectible replicas together with music. It is a relaxing video for a slow northern winter weekend. BTW, there is nothing but “free parking” ads, and gaming links at Don’t waste your time going there.

Doctoral Pupil & Darren Discover Dino

A dino in the dungeon? This is more big news from the forgotten basements one finds in museums, the hidden vaults and dingy dungeons that delight those that look in them. What was discovered?: Merely a brand new dinosaur. It will forever be known as Xenoposeidon proneneukos Taylor & Naish, 2007. Congratulations to our buddy Darren Naish and his student. Doctoral pupil Mike Taylor (above and below with the fossil specimen) and Darren Naish, Ph. D., have identified this dinosaur bone in the National History Museum of London’s collection as belonging to a new family of sauropod dinosaur. Darren Naish, [...]

Replica Cryptia: Przewalski’s Horses

The Przewalski’s horse, a Pleistocene megafauna survivor, can be called a “living fossil,” in the popularized employment of that phrase. Certainly, this horse is of interest to cryptozoologists. In the society we live in, this is an animal your daughter may know more about than you do. The species (Equus ferus przewalskii, Equus caballus przewalskii, or Equus przewalski poliakov – classification is debated) is the last truly wild horse, first recognized by zoology in Mongolia in 1881. It is an animal of discovery, with lessons to teach in cryptozoology. Besides, the Przewalski’s horse story overlaps with that of the Almas. [...]