Black Cat is Kitty Cat?

In a breaking news story out of Australia, a Talangi researcher named Bernie Mace (who told the media there that he’s been researching mystery cat reports for thirty years), is quoted as having a new theory.

Mace earlier had said the black cat that Melbourne deer hunter Kurt Engel shot in June 2005 was a melanistic puma. Black pumas are unverified in North and South America, let alone in Australia, the United Kingdom, and other reported areas, such as Germany, where they have been sighted. A mystery felids, a black catlike cryptid, nevertheless, is frequently encountered in areas of unknown large cat accounts.


In news published on Friday, October 28, Mace is telling the media that the black cat killed in Gippsland, near Dargo, may have been a "super-sized feral cat."

The researcher notes further analysis of the long tail that was kept by Engel is taking some time because a Canberra university is requiring nearly $10,000 to analyse DNA from that physical bit of evidence. Fundraising by Mace to obtain that amount is slowing the entire verification process.