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  1. jamesrav
    jamesrav August 7, 2017 at 3:29 pm | |

    “I’m beginning to think this mystery won’t be resolved in my lifetime, and that hurts.” As have said all the others. Something that probably doesn’t ‘exist’ in the way we ordinarily think of that word makes resolving the mystery impossible. And he did use the word ‘mystery’ rather than ‘animal’, so it appears he had moved from the ‘flesh and blood’ theory in some respects. He was “upset to learn that none of Erik Beckjord’s collection” … and wasn’t Beckjord a staunch supporter of a paranormal explanation? Paranormal (ESP) and Supernatural (ghosts) are words with an unavoidable stigma, a new word is needed to that comes with no negative preconceived notions. With the idea that our existence & reality is some type of simulation gains a lot of supporters, maybe ‘supra-real’ is more appropriate.

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