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  1. alanborky
    alanborky July 20, 2013 at 1:14 am |

    “This sea-monster yarn first saw light nearly 20 years later…at a time when the Loch Ness Monster was much in the news…was told by the U-boat’s skipper…who wrote an article about Loch Ness for a German paper that dragged in his own sighting.”

    But Loren if you’ve been haunted for twenty years by mental video recordings and possibly even dreams of this impossible creature you saw which wasn’t even obliging enough to at least appear like the prehistoric sea serpents depicted in books then what better time and way to smuggle the episode into public view and finally get the bugger off your chest?

    After that surely it simply becomes a matter of how can you have mental video recordings of gigantic crocodiles at sea if such things never existed?

    Or how remarkably scrupulous of the author to report what he actually saw rather than modify the details to make them seem more plausible.

    On the matter of the U28 monster art I agree with you Loren that’s definitely a drawing based on a crocodile though my suspicion’s the head at least’s based on a photograph or a highly accurate drawing of a juvenile.

    But to my mind you can’t discredit von Forstner’s account based on the artist’s work.

    For instance my sister recently she told me the enormous difficulty she has hiring musicians who actually play what they’re told rather than try’n'o impose upon her their own ideas.

    Ditto artists especially ones with a modicum of training asked to depict impossible things like sea monsters but immediately rush for a model of something real to base the thing on rather than draw it straight from their head with the daring and flare of a fearless amateur try’n'o capture the flavour of the account.

    But as an artist meself whoever the U28 artist was they also did a very uninspired half hearted job either because they couldn’t be bothered or subtly hoped to undermine the story or they were more concerned with depicting the model accurately than attempting to

    Or they were a relatively limited hack incapable of adjusting the model to show it bent in a downwardly pointing upwardly ascending arc as a result of the explosion not to mention writhing in contorted agony instead of merely curling up its little tootsies as if it’s just trodden in slightly too hot water.

    Of course there’s always the possibility there was a crocodile aboard the ship and as it momentarily hung there in the air the sight was so unexpected not to mention astonishing it really did assume the sort of weird huge exaggerated proportions reported by sufferers of say AIWS [Alice In Wonderland Syndrome] or less well known forms of migraine.

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