Rocky Kills

killer bear

Rocky performs.

In a not-too-surprising revelation, in the wake of an escaped tiger killing a man at the San Francisco Zoo, perhaps a few cold glasses of water in modern human’s faces are that, yes, wild animals are strong and do kill.

For a moment, ponder this: If people can’t consider the realities of the animals in their midst, how are they to understand those cryptids that are just beyond their knowing?

Now the news:

Rocky, a five-year-old bear that has starred in big-name Hollywood films, bit trainer Stephan Miller on the neck during filming at an animal training center in California. The bear, who weighs nearly 800lbs, is said to have bit Miller during “playful” wrestling.

Stephan Miller’s cousin, Randy, set up the “Predators in Action” training center, and said that Rocky was a “loving, affectionate, friendly, safe bear.” Randy said that the bear “hit him in a very vulnerable spot.”

(This sounds like the kind of comments you hear from people that talk about the school shooter as the “nice kid next door.” – Loren)

“It happened so fast. We did what we had to do to stop the bear. It took a matter of seconds to get him off, but it was too late,” Randy told press.

Paramedics arrives shortly after, and pepper spray was used to subdue the bear, however it was too late and Miller could not be revived.

At the time of the accident, Rocky was being filmed for a promotional video for the center, which is located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Rocky most recently appeared in the movie Semi Pro, where he wrestled Will Ferrell’s character.

Rocky’s fate is unknown. The Department of Fish and Game spokesperson said that they would not decide whether or not to euthanize him because the attack occurred outside its jurisdiction. It is believed that the country animal care officials will decide what happens to Rocky. Because the incident occurred on private property outside the jurisdiction of state authorities, it is up to the center to decide what will happen. Had it occurred elsewhere, the state would have had the power to destroy the bear.

{Thanks to field correspondent E. Livada for bringing this story to my attention.}