Name the Mystery Fish Continued…

The Mystery Continues: Strange Fish Remains Unidentified

Over 25,000 visits to the "Name the Mystery Fish" Cryptomundo blog produced some interesting leads, a dating for the postcard, and much speculation on what the unknown fish species might be. But the mystery continues…

Yesterday’s blog "Name the Mystery Fish" received an enormous amount of interest and generated the largest number of comments seen here yet.

It continues to stimulate speculation across the Internet. The case remains open as to when, where, and what kind of fish is pictured.

The identification of this specimen is still unsolved and your further comments are welcome at the original blog or here.

Today, I post the entire back of the Mystery Fish postcard, in this new blog, so all could see it. As you can observe, this old postcard, now determined, thanks to the research of you, Cryptomundo readers, appears to have been produced between 1904-18.

The location that is in the lead seems to be in the Pacific, perhaps the Philippines. But some still feel it might be WWI France. I don’t know.

Naming this mystery fish is an open question, and no, I don’t know the answer. No trickery here.

This is a true-life cryptozoological mystery that is unfolding right before your eyes on this blog. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful assistance in trying to solve this one.

Mystery Fish Postcard

(Click on image to see full size version)