Mokele-mbembe Expedition Update

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The exploratory Milt Marcy Mokele-mbembe Expedition has returned. The trek to the Cameroon was made in preparation for a longer, full-scale effort in search of Mokele-mbembe, at the beginning of 2007.


Drawings of Mokele-mbembe by Bill Rebsamen, used with permission.

Here’s Bill Gibbons’ first report from the group just returned from Africa:

Milt Marcy is in good shape given all the travel time and tough conditions (the insect problem was awful and his feet are swollen up from all the bites). But he sounded encouraged and in good spirits.

He took a boat with him (11ft with 24 hp outboard) that performed flawlessly and took them far up the Dja for 110 miles. They interviewed three fishermen and acquired three independent eyewitness accounts of Mokele-mbembe observed merely days before they got there.

Missionary Paul Ohlin saw a Mokele-mbembe on the Sangha River on January 10, 2006!

This incident reportedly occurred on the Congo side, as Ohlin works there among the Aka pygmies. This is the area also bordered by the Ngoko River, which in west-central Africa forms part of the Cameroon-Congo (Brazzaville) boundary. The Dja Faunal Reserve (Cameroon) lies along its upper course.

Paul Ohlin

Photo: Paul Ohlin and the Aka Pygmies with whom he works. Credit: Ohlin family.

Bill Gibbons continues:

Peter Beach did a great job with the satellite maps and has marked a number of places (including caves) in the general target area. According to Pierre Sima, new information on the animals confirms that they were in the Forbidden Zone from 1984 to 2003/4, so the Mokele-mbembe sometimes stay in one area long-term if the conditions are right. This explains why the villagers in Langoue saw them with such frequency in that area throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

More hunts for Mokele-mbembe are definitely in the futures of Marcy, Gibbons, and others who are searching for these cryptids; many good wishes and safety for their quests.