Meg Madness Mounts: Now The Video

Is it MEG?

The above Japanese video is vaguely labeled as if this might be a recording of Carcharodon megalodon. Of course, it could be any number of large sharks, including a whale shark.

With the reports from Australia of “monster” sharks, no matter what size they are, it is clear that the curious interest in cryptid Megalodons is easily ignited.

Carcharodon megalodon, the 70 foot, 40 ton prehistoric cousin of the great white shark, rises from the abyss in the forthcoming movie Meg, and people can hardly wait.

“Meg Madness,” if I may, will continue to mount, as the anticipated making and release of the movie based on Steve Alten’s book, Meg, goes forward. The movie was held back by New Line Cinema who were busy working on Rush Hour 3 (2007).

According to Alten, the Meg motion picture, if all the funding comes through, probably will be released during North America’s “2008 Summer Blockbuster” window (May – July). Look for some exciting Hollywood graphics promoting the movie in about a year.


Scheduled to be the director is Jan de Bont, who steered to success such films as Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003), The Haunting (1999), Speed 2: Cruise Control(1997), Twister (1996), and Speed (1994).

The Meg screenwriter is Shane Salerno, who just finished Alien vs. Predator: AVP2 (2007), which is in post-production. Salerno was also responsible for the screenplay adaptation of the Bruce Willis-Ben Affleck movie, Armageddon (1998).