“Monkey-Headed Baby” or Not?

Monsters Born

Monkey x human offspring do not exist from Homo sapiens females. What you are about to read may make you upset, and if you view the video referenced, you may become sick. What are humans thinking to make such things into news? Not surprisingly, as shown above, people have made babies with defects into “monsters” for hundreds of years. The only difference now, it’s on YouTube.

Some things being uploaded onto the internet – technically being reposted because they are on the broadcast news – are so unfortunate that I wish I could expunge them from my memory. I hope this is one, which I can discover is a hoax, and then can move on from the images.

Babies born with defects are often misunderstood and abused. A news organization’s promotion of something so sad and terrible is to be condemned, if real.

With the arrival of YouTube to alert us to the gross nature of international “entertainment news” of poor taste, it has come to my attention that there is a new video that is either showing a stillborn infant with defects, or someone’s sick idea of a gaff. What it appears to be is a fake carcass of a dead baby with elements attached so disturbing that the gaff is being labeled as a “monkey-headed baby.

People have tried to imagine infants with birth disabilities and abnormalities into fantasy animals, fairies, and monsters before, as you can read here.

Monster Mayan

How old and widespread is this practice?

Could past “monsters,” for example, the Mayan monsters in such carvings as shown directly above, merely be medically abnormal stillborn infants?

Posted below, you may view the YouTube video that is so upsetting, and makes claims for the “dead baby” shown being a “monkey-headed baby.” I hope it is a fake but I post it here, not for shock effect, but to see if there is a doctor reading this who knows if this is a possible real condition or only a prankish hoax? If she will comment on this clip, I would appreciate it.

I would suggest that if you feel you will be offended by this research effort, please do not view the clip from an apparent Turkish (?) reality-based entertainment news program.

“Monkey-Headed Baby”

Thanks to Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz and Mark Frauenfelder for bringing this sad situation to my attention to be explored and exposed, to discover what is behind it.