Healthwatch: Cryptozoologists

Some cryptozoologists and hominologists around the world are in various stages of recovery and concern has been expressed in the community about their health problems.

Here’s a brief roundup:

Most recently, on 14th September 2007, Nessie researcher Tony Harmsworth of Scotland suffered a stroke. He is feeling better this month.

It will be recalled that in the last two years, Loch Ness Monster hunter Roy Mackal, formerly of the University of Chicago, suffered a couple heart attacks, but the latest is that his recovery has been steady.

Washington State Bigfooter Ray Crowe’s diabetes continues to take its toll. The formerly active fieldworker has been slowed him down with his leg amputation. We understand from recent visitors to see Ray that his wheelchair-centered life is difficult, but he remains high-spirited.

John Green, Sasquatch chronicler, has been fighting prostate cancer for two years, but is relatively active.

Mark Hall’s cancer is in remission after a recent reoccurrence, and he has taken on new outside work.

Cryptomundo wishes them all well.