Happy Birthday!

October 2nd is my father’s & my grandfather’s birthday, and October 3rd is my brother Jerry’s birthday. Jerry’s the last one alive in that triad. But there’s another one. The three Coleman brothers. Happy 55th, bro. As to the Brothers Coleman, they are Bill, Jerry, and that’s me holding the ball. Click on image for a larger version. Here’s Jerry’s take on "Growing Up Coleman", followed by his book covers. And for just fun, this cartoon again, as it reminds me of all the picnics with my family in the Midwest. Click image for full-size version

Loh Sends Greetings

Click on the above image for a full-sized version of Peter Loh’s Happy Birthday Greetings to Cryptomundo!

Mainely Bugsport

Click image for full-size version Today’s Sunday Comics courtesy of Ted Bastien.

Sunday Cryptocomics

The above photograph was contributed by the author of The Pink Room. Plus An Encore Appearance Goofy as the Maine Mutant by Peter Loh.

Sunday Comics

Thanks to Peter Loh, for a smiling peek at the cover of his forthcoming comic book about some recent adventures.

Sunday Editorial Cartoon: The Real Hoaxer?

Sunday CryptoCommentary by Peter Loh For more of Peter Loh’s cartoons, please see: "Chow’s Book’s Foreword," "Be Patient," "Alamak," "Real McCoys," "Baw," and "Listen Chow.

More Johor Fallout: Peter Loh Reacts

Artist Peter Loh, who was there from the first, to hear of the leaked info on the photographs, puts pen to paper to record his editorial feelings for Cryptomundo about this sad outcome. For a complete rundown on all the other August 4th breaking news on the "Johor Hominid" hoax discovery, please also see: Johor Hominid Photos: Hoax! Johor Pix Hoax: More.