Book News: Lizardmen

North Carolina resident and cryptozoologist Mark A. Hall has written a new 2005 book Lizardmen, about the seemingly bipedal reptiloids that have had some curious encounters with humans. These reports cross the investigative path of cryptozoologists, now and then, and have many people scratching their heads. Hall, based on his past writings on this subject in his journal Wonders, explores and extends his theories in this latest book.

It looks to be a volume with some intriguing and new material, as is to be expected from Hall’s intellectual works.


Here’s a peek inside, with a look at the chapter headings:

Chapter 1 – A Mystery at Blake’s Reserve

Chapter 2 – 1988 Was the Year of the Lizardman

Chapter 3 – Lizardmen of the Carolinas

Chapter 4 – Revealed: The Origin of Lizardmen

Chapter 5 – What the Indians Say About Lizardmen

Chapter 6 – More Lizardmen in Our Times

Chapter 7 – Those Incredible Tracks

Chapter 8 – A World of Lizardmen

Chapter 9 – The Lives of Lizardmen

Chapter 10 – The Lure of the Mermaid

Chapter 11 – The Mysterious Ones

Chapter 12 – The Lizardmen in Our Future

With the Creature of the Black Lagoon movie being remade (see my earlier blog entry on that), I guess we can say it may be an era of the Lizardmen returnth.